Valuers List

Below is a list of approved Valuers:

Oxbow Land & Property Consultants

P/Bag X0221

Maseru West 105

Contact: 59033320/58841392

Home-Base Property Consultants

Redcross House

P/Bag A205

Maseru 100

Contact: 68889630/53236046/59079019/68806643

L.M. Property Managers Pty Ltd

Plot 14271-08 Khubetsoana

P.O. Box 12876

Maseru 100

Contact: 62841111/58911008

Real Estates Consultants

Kokobela Village

House No. 11

Maseru West

Contact: 58974540/62001450

Math Properties(Pty) Ltd
House No. 224, Premium House Maseru West, Kingsway Road

P.O. Box 8987

Maseru 100

Contacts: 62926494/58926494

Lesotho Land & Property Consultants (Pty) Ltd

Corner Stadium Road/Main South One Road

P.O. Box 12287

Maseru 100

Contact: 22312626/62850509

Moirai-Maseela & Co.

02nd Floor LNDC Centre Building

P.O. Box 627

Maseru 100

Contact: 22322832/58850053

Arthcock Property Services (Pty) Ltd

Unit No. 3, 1st Floor, Thola-Tu Complex, Kingsway

P.O. Box 7495

Maseru 100

Contact: 63633507/62841111

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