Botha-Bothe, Dec. 06 — The Land Administration Authority (LAA) has celebrated the graduation ceremony of the Koloi’s family quadruplets in Botha-Bothe on Friday.

Speaking at this event, the Director Corporate Services at LAA, Mr. Tankiso Sephoso said LAA has been supporting the children in every way since they were 11 months old, hence the celebration.

He mentioned that this is part of the authority’s Corporate Social Initiative (CSI) project which mainly focuses on giving back to the community.

Meanwhile the Director General of the same authority Mrs. ‘Mataeli Makhele-Sekhants’o delineated that it has never been an easy road for the authority on working on this project of holding hands with the Koloi family in raising the children.

She stated that as non-profit making organisation, they are always advised to engage in projects that give back to the community and she is really glad that her office has chosen to embark on this life changing project.

Mrs. Sekhants’o therefore said the authority is going to continue supporting the quadruplets in every way possible while also assisting their parents start small businesses that will help them earn a living.

While passing her sincerest gratitude, the mother of the set Mrs. ‘Mabereng Koloi thanked the authority for its support saying it could not have been easy for her and her husband to take care of the children without the support of LAA as they are both unemployed.

She mentioned that there are so many departments which have been making promises to assist her but she has since awaited but the authority has been standing by her side since the day they came to her house to offer a helping hand five years ago.

Mrs. Koloi also thanked the teachers at the school where the children were attending saying they have been patient and played a vital role in moulding her children into who they all are today.

On behalf of the teachers, Mrs. ‘Mapakatha Ramonotsi explained that the quadruplets have been very obedient indicating that they as caregivers, assistants or educators wish them well.

She also pleaded with the authority to continue extending its helping in ensuring that the quadruplets continue to access education.

The Land Administration Authority has been supporting the quadruplets Lieketseng, Lieketso, Keketso and Reekelitsoe Koloi since 2014.

The set was also awarded gifts to help them kick start their new journey into primary education.