Valuers List

Below is a list of approved Valuers:

The Managing Director

TL Properties

P.O. Box 15019

Maseru 100

Contact: 58843040

The Managing Director


Thetsane Office Park

Level 1, Room FF05

Contact: 53430915

The Managing Director

Real Estates Consultants

LNDC Centre, Level 1, Room 104

Pioneer Road, Maseru

Contact: 58974540/62001450

The Director

Math Properties(Pty) Ltd

House No. 224, Premium House

Maseru West, Kingsway Road

Contacts: 62926494/58926494

Arthcock Property Services (Pty) Ltd,

RoomUnit No. 3, 1st Floor

Thola-Tu Complex, Kingsway

Contact: 59163397/56051534/62841111

A complete list can be downloaded here:

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