Cadastral Services (Boundary Lines)

This division is responsible for examining private surveyor’s work and issuing of S10 forms. It gives out cadastral information in relation to survey parcels.

What is land cadastre

Land Cadastre basically is the science and art of studying and making precise measurements of relative position of points above, on and under the earth’s surface. These are then presented in a useful manner to support land registration land planning and developments.

How I get the S10 form

After proper land allocation is done, the following process steps are expected to be followed:

1. Approach surveyor of your choice.

2. Produce a true copy of your allocation certificate and identification for application of survey.

3. Surveyor, after satisfying himself that you are the rightful person to issue the instruction, will carry out the survey job and computations.

4. Land Surveyor will compile the job file and submit it to LAA for survey examination.

5. On passing the exam, FORM S10 is issued to the surveyor upon payment of survey examination fee.

6. Surveyor is expected to inform you to collect S10 from him and not at LAA. No extra charge is paid for S10.

7. You can now go to LAA to apply for a lease.

In short, LAA Cadastre section is expecting to deal with Surveyors and not their clients unless such a surveyor informs LAA in writing that on that occasion only, the concerned surveyor will not be able to follow up his work with LAA.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the LAA offices nearest to you or submit an inquiry online.