Mr. M. Matela


Job Scope:

The officer has overall responsibility for regulating land surveying professional practice, ensuring an adequate supply of official maps and overseeing the creation and maintenance of spatial data infrastructure, in accordance with the LAA Act and the Land Survey Act.

Supervises: director cadastral Services

Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide advice to the Director General and other authorities as appropriate on land surveying professional practice
  • Provide advice to the Director General and the other authorities as appropriate on official maps
  • Provide advice to the Director General and the other authorities as appropriate on spatial data infrastructure
  • Develop and oversee the implementation of policies, procedures and standards for land surveying and mapping, including:
    • Directing and controlling public surveys and supervising other surveys, in accordance with the Land Survey Act
    • Recording and making available records of land surveys, published maps and related data for the proper description and depiction of land and geographic information
    • Ensuring that professional land surveying practices are followed and accurate maps prepared
    • Preparing regular operational, management and other reports as required for effective management of surveying and mapping activities
  • Plan and oversee implementation of work programs for the Survey and Mapping Services Division
  • Develop and/or oversee the preparation of official notices, publications, directives and guidelines as required for effective land surveying practice, procedure and administration
  • Execute the functions of Chief Surveyor professionally and as stipulated in the Land Survey Act, including acting as Chairman of the Land Surveyors’ Board
  • Liaise and work with other agencies, bodies and persons as appropriate to ensure that land surveys and mapping conform with relevant policies and laws
  • Provide such regular reports and briefings for the Director General as he/she may require
  • Keep abreast of local and international developments in the fields of land surveying and mapping
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