Pre- requisites for subdivision

  1. Prove of survey (S10)
  2. Approval of subdivision from Maseru City Council (Council Minutes)
  3. Identity document of the applicant.
  4. Copy of the surrendered lease (where there was a lease initially)
  5. Where there was no lease yet, Title document (Chief’s letter/ Council’s letter/ Form C, Title Deed)
  6. If the applicant is Partnership, registered trust document is submitted.
  7. If the applicant is Family Trust, a registered trust is submitted.
  8. If the applicant is a company:

-Identity documents for shareholders

-Company’s extract

-Certificate of incorporation

-Power off attorney/Resolution

Steps for subdivision:

  • A person who wishes to subdivide a plot engages a surveyor
  • The surveyor takes coordinates of the site to draw the subdivision sketch.
  • The site owner submits the sketch to the council for approval.
  • The site owner surrenders the original lease at LAA.
  • A copy of the lease is issued to the owner.
  • The surveyor then uses the lease copy and coordinates to build a file which is then submitted at LAA for examination.
  • After examination S10 for subdivision is issued out.
  • The owner of the site then comes for lease application.


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