Surveyors List

If you require a survey for the purpose of obtaining a lease or for changing the boundaries of your property, you are required to use a surveyor who is registered with the Chief Surveyor. Surveyors in Lesotho must adhere to the Chief Surveyors Directions for survey standards and submission of survey plans.

Surveyors do not require an instruction from the Chief Surveyor to undertake a boundary survey, however the surveyor must be confident that the request is from the rightful owner. Land Administration Authority held a surveyors workshop at Lehakoe Recreational Centre on 15 July 2011. Purpose of the workshop to discuss the many issues surrounding the establishment of the Authority, the services it offers to clients, including land surveyors, and the scope of reforms that are envisaged.

The following is a list of some of the surveyors registered with the Chief Surveyor:



Martin T. Nts’ihlele – Director Ntsihlele Land Surveyors

2nd Floor, LNDC Centre
PO Box 7859
Maseru 100

Phone: 2231 7417

Home: 28334494

Mobile: 5885 1650

Email: / /


 T. Maleka Survey & Digital Mapping

Room 109, 1st Floor

Carlton Centre

P.O. Box 14676

Maseru 100

Phone: +266 62007574 / 58851077

Office: +266 22320012

Fax: 22320091

R.S. Malataliana Malets Surveys & Construction

Upper Thamae

P.O. Box 7155

Maseru 100

Phone: +266 6312 3650


T. Matsoso Land & Engineering Systems

Room S-8

Phone: +266 2832 4960,

6732 0660, 5671 5502


I.O. Edem Phone: +266 5726 1414,



Sentle Mojela P.O. Box 7131

Maseru 100

Phone: +266 6211 2277
Qhobela Cyprian


cell: 5746 7185

A complete list can be downloaded here:

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