Transfer Process

Pre-requisite Documentation for transfer

Firstly pay ground rent

  1. Transfer Consent fee of M100.00
  2. 4 Identity document of the Transferee and Transferor
  3. if the surnames are different a marriage certificate is needed
  4. Where there’s divorce degree of divorce is needed
  5. If widowed a death certificate is also needed
  6. Power of attorney where there are companies involved
  7. Valuation report where the site is developed
  8. Company’s extract
  9. Certificate of incorporation
  10. The estimated time for transfer is 3days


  1. Both the Transferor & Partner if married and transferee visit the LAA offices to lodge a Consent Application which takes two to three days to be issued.
  2. Upon issue of the consent they approach a private legal practitioner of their choice to draft the Deed of Transfer.
  3. The Deed of transfer is submitted to LAA by the Legal practitioner for Examination and Registration.
  4. Then the responsible party which is the Tranferee in this case pays the duties
  5. Then the Lease will be endorsed in the names of the transferee